Solvis Announce Short Hiatus in Free Solar Panel Installation Services

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Following on from a consultation which has caused waves of unrest throughout the renewable energy industry, the UK government have outlined plans to drastically reduce the Feed in Tariff for Solar PV Microgeneration from December 12th 2011.

Although not yet set in stone (as the consultation doesn’t officially draw to a close until December 23rd 2011) this change in policy has wide-reaching implications upon a huge number of people ranging from end consumers through to solar panel installers.

Unfortunately, due to incredibly high uptake both prior to and immediately following on from the announcement of the new Feed in Tariff figures  we have had to call a hiatus with regard to accepting new applications for our free solar panel installation service. Here at Solvis we’ve fitted systems on literally hundreds of roofs in the past 12 months and will continue to do so – but won’t be able to provide quotes or installations until at least early 2012 due to potential uncertainty in the industry.

Although the Feed in Tariff reduction has minimal bearing upon those who sign up to have free solar panel systems fitted on their homes – it does have implications upon equipment availability, installer operational costs and therefore our ability to provide services to property owners.

Rest assured that we will not only honour all existing agreements but also begin operations again in the coming months – but we won’t risk disappointing those who apply by offering services that we aren’t certain we can provide. And we can’t gain a complete insight into our position until the Feed in Tariff consultation ends on December 23rd.

Those who apply for free solar panel installation through prior to our re-commencement of new projects can rest assured that their enquiry will be saved to our system and will be at the head of the queue when we resume full operations. So if you’re interested in free solar panels for your home or business premises then get in touch – we will get back to you when the Feed in Tariff issue has been clarified.