Free Solar Panels for Your Home

You could save up to £400 per year on electricity with free solar panels installation from Solvis!

If your residential  property is deemed suitable then Solvis Energy Solutions will install and operate a solar system on your roof absolutely free of charge. The fund who allow Solvis Energy Solutions to offer free installations to homeowners will maintain the system and carry out all future maintenance work if required.

You, the customer, can use all of the energy the solar PV system generates, thus benefiting from lower electricity bills and you will never pay us anything! This will help protect you against the ever rising energy costs over the next 25 years.

We’ll set your residential property up with absolutely everything needed to benefit from solar electricity generation and lower utility bills! In order to qualify for the free solar panels installation:

If you would like to find out how much money you could save and whether your home is suitable simply fill in your details here.

How Does the Free Solar Panels for Homes Scheme Work?

Solvis will install and operate a solar PV system on your roof. This will generate electricity for your home, thus lowering your electricity bills. You’ll notice no difference – your shower will be just as hot, your lights just as bright! The only difference is that with a proportion of your electricity being generated through solar PV panels, your bills will be lower. The fund who allow Solvis Energy Solutions to offer free installations to homeowners will maintain the system and carry out all future maintenance work if required.

How do we know if the system has stopped working?

There are no moving parts involved in a Solar PV system. The technology has been designed by suppliers and by the industry to be maintenance free. There should be very little maintenance required over the full 25 year term of the agreement. The systems are remotely monitored by performance data analysts. Each system is fitted with a SIM card which allows analysts to assess the systems without needing to re-enter your home at any stage. Should there be any technical or performance related issues regarding the systems the analysts and consequently our technical teams will know before you do. It is in the best interest of the investment fund to ensure the panels and system is fully operational at its highest efficiency for every single day of the 25 year term. This thought process is highlighted by the fact that the system performance is directly associated to the financial return for the investors. If the system is underperforming for whatever reason then the investment fund are losing valuable revenue. It is in their best interest to monitor systems performance and ensure the systems integrity is maintained. This reality will ensure that YOU the customer are protected at all times and that the system will continue to assist reducing your reliance on the national grid for at least 25 years whilst you continue to enjoy the significant savings.

Who Owns the Solar Panels?

Through our free solar panels installation scheme, the fund remains the owner of the solar panels. But the electricity they generate is used by you, meaning you benefit from the reduced electricity bills. Solvis Energy Solutions project manages the installation on behalf of the investment fund.

Who Maintains the Solar Panels?

Solvis Energy Solutions are responsible for the physical installation of the solar PV system. The investment fund will maintain the solar panels for 25 years. You will have no responsibility to maintain the panels. As the owners of the panels, it is in the funds best interest to ensure the system is fully maintained and operational for the full 25 year term in order to guarantee and protect their return on investment.

What If I Sell My House?

The solar panels will remain in place even if you sell your house. In fact, they could even enhance the value of your house, given that it will then be the new owners who benefit from lower electricity bills.

Can I Benefit from the Feed-In Tariff?

The Government Feed-In Tariff is a generous incentive that pays per unit of electricity generated by a solar PV system connected to the grid. With our free solar panels installation scheme, the Feed-In Tariff payments are made to and are the property of the investment fund. Solvis benefits from the installation charges paid by the investment fund to Solvis for the installation of the PV system. The Feed in Tariff is paid exclusively to the investors.

However, if you decide to invest in your own solar panel installation, as opposed to receiving a free system, then the panels will be your property, the Feed-in Tariff payments will be made to YOU and you’ll also benefit from lower electricity bills as well!

If you would like more information either about free solar panels installation or about purchasing your own system, get in touch today.

If you are interested in commercial solar panels or paying for solar panel installation instead and benefiting from the Feed in Tariff, then please visit Solar Choice