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At Solvis, we are committed to providing bespoke energy solutions for free; typically of a renewable and energy saving nature.

“Our services allow our customers to benefit from highly energy efficient products without the excessive up-front capital costs associated with such technology.” Eric Hargreaves - Managing Director

Through our experience and expertise, and by working with qualified leading installers and green minded investors, we ensure a first rate service with high quality equipment. We provide our opportunities to a large range of sectors; be it domestic households for ‘free Solar’ or businesses for ‘free LED lighting’. We manage and organise all areas of service all the way from securing the investment funds and providing customer service down to the quality of installation; all absorbed in the ‘free’ element for our customers. All our products are monitored, maintained, insured and warranted.

We strive to expand and increase our product portfolio to provide a complete energy package to maximise our customers’ savings; stay tuned, we expect another update very shortly regarding hot water savings. Express your interest by filling in an ‘Apply now’ form in either the ‘Free Solar’ or ‘Free LED Lighting’ section. Or if you prefer, contact us on 01706 693 380 where one of our consultants will be happy to discuss your potential energy solution.

Solvis also invites any energy installer or green minded investor the opportunity to explore affiliation. There is an opportunity for investors to get involved in secure and environmentally ethical investments, please contact us today.

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What Our Customers Say

Free Solar Panels

“Solvis were very helpful, courteous and friendly during the whole process. From explaining how the system worked, to helping me fill out the paperwork and finalising the lease they held my hand every step of the way. The fitting team and office staff were very professional and knowledgeable about the product. The installation team were prompt, efficient, clean and tidy. The only difference I noticed is that the panels were on the roof and within hours I was generating my own electricity. I am delighted with how quick and easy it was with no complications. Highly recommended.”

Mrs Byrne